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Huhu Studios
20 Goodall Rd
Snells Beach, 0920
New Zealand
Ph. 09-425-4442


How do I apply for a role at Huhu Studios?
We advertise all our vacant roles on our social media pages and the usual Anim/CG websites so we ask you to check out those sites first. However, are always on the lookout for top quality crew with great attitudes! If this sounds like you, please contact our HR dept: careers@huhus.com. Please note that you must have the right to work in New Zealand to apply.

How do I submit a script and/or project for Huhu Studios to consider?
Sorry, we do not accept unsolicited scripts, projects or ideas. If you are serious about your project we suggest you attach an experienced Producer or Agent who can pitch the project for, or with you, in the right forum.

Can I organise a studio tour?
We very rarely allow tours of the studio; however, if you feel your situation is special please use our contact form to get in touch.

Do you accept internships?
Only in exceptional circumstances and usually by invitation only.

Where can we find updates/news about Huhu Studios?
You can find all our updates on our social media pages Here and Here

Where does the name ‘Huhu’ come from?
Our studio is named after a New Zealand native beetle called the ‘Huhu’ beetle. Huhu Studio’s first piece of animated content was a children’s TV series with cute Huhu bugs as the main characters—hence the name!